2. flowury:

    I hope you fall in love with someone who makes you fall in love with the entire world

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  3. I don’t want kids but if I am ever in a mother situation myself I hope for this to be true.

  4. troylered:


    2 girls 1 cup would be a work of abstract/modern art under these circumstances!

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  5. April 22 intake (g-free streak day 6)

    Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, protein powder, almonds, almond milk, green tea

    Snack: hard boiled egg and popcorn

    Lunch: roasted cauliflower with cream cheese, sautéed chicken, onion and garlic with italian spices, yogurt with almonds and craisins

    Chocolate binge: 2 chocolate bars, lots of mini eggs, half a bag of normal foil chocolate easter eggs (my mom sent me a care package in the mail so I guess I ate it all?)

    Supper/night snack: roasted yam


  7. kickin-asphalt:


    I can’t believe 1000 of you people have decided to follow me! It’s been a crazy few months, and seeing that this many people are interested in my blog and my journey is really humbling :3

    So here’s a thank you promo for all of my lovely followers!

    • MBF me
    • health/fitness related blogs…

  8. Life potentially ruined. I think I may have developed an allergy to chocolate… I have gotten a headache the last 3 times I have had it.

  9. 10000steps:

    So I decided to make a BOTD for the month of May. I’ll promote 31 different blogs, one per day, to  54,000+ lovely people.

    What you need to do:

    • -Reblog this post ONCE, likes won’t count.
    • -Be a health blog of any kind, no pro ed, thinspo or excessive body-spo will be considered.
    • - You don’t have to be following, but if you do, is greatly appreciated. I think my blog and I are both pretty cool ^.^
    • -Check out my Instagram, and twitter, and follow if you like. Again, is not a requirement.
    • -Have your askbox open, because I will message you and if you don’t reply within 48 hours, I’ll choose someone else.

    What you’ll get:

    • -A screenshot promo of your lovely blog with a short and sweet note on why I think people should follow you. This will be posted in the morning and then reblogged at night. 
    • -A new friend! come say hi!!! my askbox will always be open for you.

    What I look for:

    A nice theme, links on your blog, a personal page or tag. Depending on the notes of this, I will make a runner up list or something. A list of blogs that I think are great and people should follow, and to make things fair, I’ll use a random generator, but I will still check that they’re positive, non triggering blogs.

    Have a great rest of the month and good luck!

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  10. I binged. I am still on a gluten free streak. Not only is tomorrow a new day but right now is a new start. Stay positive and beat the beast!


  11. April 21 intake (g-free streak day 5)

    Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with lots of leftover roasted vegetables, banana smoothy

    Snack: mini eggs

    Lunch: chilli, popcorn, campino

    snack: large bag of white chocolate m&ms

    Supper: chicken, leftover roasted vegetables, rice