So, how did I fare in Italy?

I was on a bike tour of Italy, my parents and I stayed on a boat during the night and biked during the day. Ate all meals on the ship. 25 people on the tour in all.

There were breakfast buffets: As an absolute lover of all that is breakfast this was really difficult and I did overeat but not to an extreme, just a bit too much everyday. Thinking back to the Laura of a few months back I know I wouldn’t have been able to control myself like I did. I give myself 85%.

Packed lunches: Everyone packed a lunch from the breakfast buffet because Europeans eat cold cuts and cheese and stuff for breakfast anyways. I never made a sandwich, never ate any bread or rolls. I made weird salads and had stacks of cold cuts and cheese. It was not very delicious but I never caved and took the easy sandwich route. Also always had at least one piece of fruit, normally more. I give myself 100%!

Snack buffets after biking before supper: I admit as the trip went on I got lax in this department and indulged in small sandwiches, pizza and chips. I should have been better because normally I wasn’t even really hungry at this point, I was just eating because it was the thing to do. I did keep the portion size ok though which is my issue so yay! I give myself 80%.

Supper: There wasn’t as much pasta as I expected! I ate pasta once because I thought I wouldn’t like the main course dish (turns out I did but whatever), the last day I ate the hand made raviolis because how many times in my life will I have that opportunity. I also had the tiramisu cake (excellent choice) again because it was a last hurrah thing. I was very disciplined though staying away from desserts including chocolate which was very tough. I give myself 95%.

Eating out before and after the tour part of the trip: I had pizza and pasta a couple of times. I didn’t need to have pizza on the last day, there were other options. I also had a lot of gelato, I just couldn’t say no because my parents were buying it and it is so good! This was probably the biggest fail on my part but still a huge success, I often left stuff on my plate that I was too full to eat which is a big struggle for me. I give myself 75%.

An average grade of 87%!

I am really happy with my control, I exceeded my expectations and realized I am stronger than I knew! At home with my own food it is going to be a breeze and I think potentially by the end of the summer I will have this all under control. If that is the case I will focus on dropping a few pounds before the marathon but until I am positive that I am recovered (more like remission haha) I am not even going to step on the scale. It is going too well to stress myself out about my weight and then eat my feelings about it. 

July 27 intake (chocolate free streak day 17)

Breakfast: 1 bowl of rice krispies and 1 bowl of muslix with milk, 1 slice of cheese, chicken sausage, 1 cold cut slice

Flight 1: plain chips from the airline, granola bar, apple

Waiting for second flight: green tea, yogurt with granola

On flight 2: almonds, 2 granola bars, chicken and beans with mixed vegetable salad, small pizza bread thing

Waiting for flight 3: green tea, yogurt and granola, granola bar